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"Lighting is one of our specialties, if you were one of our older clients, you will have already known we introduced LED and HID products before anyone in the industry. We are many years ahead in product technology so you can be assured you're buying the best. We carry many lighting products you won't find anywhere available on the market only because most items are specially designed to our specifications". Over and over again, visually we have proven our lighting products are not just brighter, they are built more reliable than any other lighting products on the market. Don't believe it? stop by and see for yourself !..." We carry many applications for your vehicle. All of our lighting products were not only made to make your car look better but most definitely outperform your factory incandescent lighting in brightness, longer lifespan, and lower the energy consumption.

Tired of dealing with cheap low quality products that only give you more headaches and end up costing you more money out of your pocket just to fix the problem? We are your answer to finding the worlds finest automotive lighting products. Got the one eye cyclops syndrome? (One headlight out) You can see it everyday while driving at night, this is what happens when you don't know what you are paying for. We have spent over a decade in research and bringing in the best of automotive lighting only we can deliver. We have a large selection of lighting and quality is second to none. Always remember when it comes to lighting, you get what you pay for and then you end up paying more in the end if it isn't done right the first time.

We sell the best lighting the world has to offer, why? Because lighting is a visual product, it needs to perform and look great, and surely you will see the immediate difference. Stop by and see our LED demo room and ask for a comparison. If you want a no compromise product, look no further. Our led lighting is uniquely designed by us having the only led products on the market with our integrated circuit which was designed to stabilize color and brightness which also prolongs the lifespan. This circuit was also designed to prevent voltage spikes, no other led on the market can come close to compare in performance and quality.



If you do your research properly, we've been in business since 1994 which means you're not going to get some pick an installer to work on your car person who won't treat your car right. Your car gets that special personal touch that only we can offer. We carry ONLY top brand products so you won't need to think twice about having the best of the best, we've already put many years of experience into doing that for you. Every day people make mistake by not researching and seeing with their own eyes the difference in the quality of our products vs. what's out there so do yourself a favor and stop by and see for yourself! You can see by the types of vehicles we work on. These clients trust and know they are getting the best.

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