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WE SPARE NO EXPENSE ON OUR RAW MATERIALS AND TOOLING to create a perfect installation, anything less is a compromise. On some films, differences can be seen even before the film is installed such as weak adhesion and the orange peel look that only worsens over time from heat.

Being one of the LONGEST RUNNING tint shop in the area (almost 20 years) our knowledge and experience is second to none. We have experimented with all known brands of film and have found most have failed under our valleys climate conditions.

Is price estimate or quotation more important than knowing the quality of the installation? Unfortunately the real answer to most consumers is the price. The truth is you can gamble on the quality of film or the person who is working on your vehicle and try to believe verbally how much experience one may say they have or what brand they believe is the best. Consumers will never know the difference for obvious reasons. Our statistics and experience are proven and any of our film manufacturers to our clients can testify. Come in for the proof!

WHAT GUARANTEES A GOOD INSTALLATION? It’s a combination of the type of film used, proper solution and mix ratio that goes into the water, and finally experienced and detailed the film installer is. The truth is there are a lot of tint shops that have downgraded to a more cost effective film to lower their prices. That is called a compromise in which we would never do. To be in the business for the long haul, you must never make compromises. Our pricing is exceptionally reasonable but our product quality and longevity is second to none.

LIFETIME WARRANTY. Understand the film manufactures coverage, they are limited and do not cover extensive labor time and damages done to the glass from the removal procedure. Ever had to remove old film? Unfortunately most removal procedures are enduring and some cases, cannot be removed without loosing defroster lines. This can be a very costly situation not covered under manufactures warranty. This is the first and foremost reason why it is important that you understand what quality of film you are having installed and know who is doing the job.

All our films are HAND CUT PERFECTLY to the actual glass and not through using a computer to cut out the film. We find all glass to be off by as much as 2 millimeter, not good enough to put the computer to work. Although we were the first in the industry to use it, we have found the template is only so good as the person who had cut the film and unfortunately more than 90% of the templates are nowhere good as we’d like it to be. The computer cut method was originally designed for the novice or amateur tinter, we can see why.

Our focus is to give our clients only the finest in our products and service. We guarantee TOTAL SATISFACTION and knowing who worked on your vehicle as many of our clients have the past 2 decades.



If you do your research properly, we've been in business since 1994 which means you're not going to get some pick an installer to work on your car person who won't treat your car right. Your car gets that special personal touch that only we can offer. We carry ONLY top brand products so you won't need to think twice about having the best of the best, we've already put many years of experience into doing that for you. Every day people make mistake by not researching and seeing with their own eyes the difference in the quality of our products vs. what's out there so do yourself a favor and stop by and see for yourself! You can see by the types of vehicles we work on. These clients trust and know they are getting the best.

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