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Before you decide on choosing the right tint shop, you should know these. I have spent many years learning the chemistry of tinting that even many so called experienced tinters do not acknowledge, this also goes for the reps who sell the film products.
#1   Make sure you use only the top brand name films BUT however stay away from the entry level films unless you don't plan to keep your car for more than 3-4 years. We use only the top end of the film lines that have been time tested. We use only Llumar and Suntek and they are the ONLY two film manufactures 100% made in the U.S. and are ranked #1 & #2.
#2   Make sure you are dealing with an AUTHORIZED DEALER, you can call the film manufacturer and verify. Ask to see their inventory and also most importantly, IF you decide to choose a place, ask for the ACTUAL SAMPLE of the film attached to the warranty card or invoice. See what happens after 2-5 years and compare. There have been some shops caught not using what they claim to use! make sure they show you with an instrument using a UV and Heat meter to prove what they gave you.
#3   Learn the history of the shop. There are many so called claims of how many years of experience but who knows what's true. We have seen dozens of new shops opening up every year and they all say the same. Well we have been opened and advertised since 1994 and we have every yellow page ad since then. We know who's who in the industry who has actually been around that long if not longer. We have set standards others are trying to follow. For example we were the first tint shop to do ALL back glass in one piece. We can do the hardest of automobile glass. You can stop by our showroom and see what many pro tinters cannot do. We have samples of back windows to attest this.
#4    Best  of all, you're not getting a newbie or so called pro tinter who is working on commission or salary who typically will overlook the details. At Evolution, you get two very well experienced in this industry who will be sure the installation is as perfect a human can do. And yes we will outperform ANY computer cut film. We have one and we find it for amateur use. We now only use it to cut vinyl stickers.
#5    Don't be fooled by the many young and what I call forced reviews. Many have to realize, you can use the cheapest quality film on the market, do the installation by a pro tinter and it will look good to most untrained eye. You must understand, the true result of a good job can only be known by the test of time. If you are not seeing reviews of at least 3-5 years or more later, you cannot be sure the mystery of the product. A guarantee isn't always good enough. Even cheap brands have guarantees but one thing for sure, there is not guarantee it's the best product for the money.  I look at job and look at details, how clean the cuts are, are they all the way to the edge?, how great the clarity is (distortion or orange peel look),  then check how much debris or air pockets left over.
     With all the tempting deals like Groupn and so on, think about it, Groupon takes 50% of the price tag, do you really think you're getting a top grade film? Let's do an analogy. You can purchase a 65" led tv for $800, let's say brand C, then you see another 65" led tv  brand A for $4000. Most people automatically will say, that's too much so they typically settle for the cheaper one. In  our new age society, most people are in the budget mode, not automatically thinking in the smart mode and blindly make the wrong choice. I'm sure many of you have made this decision more than once. Yes there is obvious quality difference in the visual but most people overlook it because they don't spend the time to see what the differences are. Yes the cheaper one will fail sooner and also not appear as crisp. Money not well spent. Sure if you aren't picky, don't care for quality or performance, and don't plan to keep your car long, it's your choice.
            There are much more to know but our years of experience, there are many other things we know we have to keep to ourselves, it's what makes our installation far superior over what anyone has seen. Longevity and details. It takes more than a top grade film and a good tinter.  As simple as tinting may appear, like I have mentioned, there is a chemistry to this art that isn't taught at any tint school or anything I have seen on internet videos. I see a lot of NO NO's. Ask and I'll educate you.
Follow these instructions and you'll be a wise tint shopper for life!


If you do your research properly, we've been in business since 1994 which means you're not going to get some pick an installer to work on your car person who won't treat your car right. Your car gets that special personal touch that only we can offer. We carry ONLY top brand products so you won't need to think twice about having the best of the best, we've already put many years of experience into doing that for you. Every day people make mistake by not researching and seeing with their own eyes the difference in the quality of our products vs. what's out there so do yourself a favor and stop by and see for yourself! You can see by the types of vehicles we work on. These clients trust and know they are getting the best.

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